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Just some thoughts about what I have learned in my late 20’s.  When I was 20-24 I had fun, I didn’t care, just lived life, got by with no worries.  But once 25 hit I tried to get my life together.  At 27 I am finally getting things figured out and into a healthy groove.  In my experience I have compiled quite the list of how to get your life together by 30.  We might not have life figured out at this age but if we take the time to better ourselves now then once that dreaded 30 hits we might feel better and prepared.

In no particular order, with some repetitive thoughts, here’s my list of 100 tips to get yourself together in your late 20’s.

  1. Better eating choices, fast food and restaurants are great but eat small or choose healthier options.
  2. Credit card debt, card usage…pay it down!  Never use your credit card unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  3. Take Vitamins, you don’t have the time to waste being sick.
  4. Moisturizers.  Night creams, day creams, lotions.  So important.
  5. Handle conflicts and drama better or just stay out of them.
  6. Morning routine, routines in general.  Stop pressing snooze, even if you don’t want to get up, you have to.  Put your outfit together at night, get into a simple time saving routine every day and every night.
  7. Enjoy your time with family and friends.
  8. Be spontaneous occasionally, don’t say no.  If you get invited out, go!  What do you have to lose.
  9. Be thankful, go to bed at night and think about what you are thankful for.
  10. Listen to your Fitbit, coolest thing ever.  Set goals and accomplish them daily.
  11. Go to the park, relax outside.  Take a walk on your lunch break, have a picnic.
  12. Only buy things that you NEED or things that can be used for a long-time.
  13. When it comes to friends, keep around the lifers, the ones who make you feel good to be around and distance yourself from the ones that don’t.
  14. Go on casual dates, grab a drink, group date, go to a fun event.
  15. Keep your house clean, or at least try to.  Spend one morning of your weekend really cleaning.
  16. Be crafty, go on Pinterest find projects you love and make them.
  17. Be early.  To work, events, appointments, to everything.  Rushing is the worst feeling and in my opinion ruins the day.
  18. Trying to impress someone is great but don’t try too hard.  Be the best you, if they aren’t impressed than they aren’t good for you.
  19. Movie nights alone are GREAT!  Grab some popcorn, wine and a cozy blanket and just relax with all the lights off but a few candles.  Even better when it’s a romantic comedy.
  20. Bake!  But don’t eat it all yourself, share your treats with friends, family and coworkers.  Who doesn’t like baked goods.
  21. Enjoy salads and smoothies.  They are good for you so how can you go wrong.
  22. Tacos.  I love tacos and they love me.  If you have a favorite food eat it.  Don’t purge yourself from something you love, just eat it wisely.
  23. Keep your car CLEAN.  The worse feeling is having to throw crap in your backseat so someone can ride with you.
  24. Fall in love with Target.  It’s a therapeutic experience walking through the store.  They have everything!  Just restrain yourself from excessive spending.
  25. Wear sneakers with support.  Boots are cute, heels are sexy but a good pair of sneakers are the best for running errands.
  26. Keep a safety $50 in your account at all times.  There have been many times when I was broke and forgot my lunch or forgot to put on deodorant and I’d have to go without.  Never fully empty your account for moments like that.
  27. Getting drunk is fun but a happy buzz is better.  Getting wasted occasionally is sometimes needed but all the time?  That’s a bit too much.  If you’re out with friends at the bar just get a nice buzz, you will still enjoy yourself and not feel the horrible hangover the following day.
  28. Start running, jogging.  Get those comfortable sneakers and go running.  Find a trail and go, sometimes I just jog in place in my living room while watching tv.
  29. At LEAST get muscles in your arms.  I am content with my body, yes I would love some abs, but I think the most important muscle to have is in your arms, lifting groceries, kids, heavy purses, it’s easier to do when your arms are tone.  You will rock that sleeveless shirt too.
  30. Go for cute but comfortable.  When you buy clothes get what’s cute but also something you can enjoy wearing.  I hate having to adjust my outfit all the time.
  31. Buy clothes that will last longer than a season.  Cheap is great but if it’s not going to last, why buy it?
  32. Have a casual suit jacket in your closet.  You never know when you need to be professional, or jsut need that stylish jacket.
  33. Black Heels!  I keep a pair of black heels in the backseat of my car at all times.  You never know when you will need them.
  34. Go to festivals and fairs.  Winefest, beerfest, chowderfest, town fairs and festivals.  Be active in your community.
  35. Don’t be afraid of children.  They aren’t for everyone but we are at that age when our friends are having kids and can’t be avoided.  Your friends will appreciate the effort you put in liking their kids.
  36. Stop with excuses.  Why can’t you go out tonight?  Oh, your tired? Stop.  Drink a coffee and go!  While you can, do.
  37. Your cellphone is not a person, stop talking to it like it is.  Texting is great for quick convos but talk in person.  If you’re around people keep your phone use to a minimum.
  38. Get that fun hairstyle.  I’ve had almost every hair color and many different hairstyles.  It’s just hair.  Keep changing up your look.
  39. Find a show that makes you happy and binge watch every once in a while.  If I am in a mood, I watch Gilmore Girls.  Gives me that comfort feeling after a long day.
  40. Let your emotions out every once in a while.  I am very closed off, but after emotions build you tent to EXPLODE.  That can’t happen.  Let it out whether it’s to your close friends, a therapist or just by yourself.  Write it down.
  41. stop relying on people, do it yourself.  If you can, try.  Don’t rely on someone to help you because you may wait forever.
  42. If you are single, go out and talk to EVERYONE.  If the guy sparks your initial attraction, go for it.  If he isn’t interested or interesting then at least you tried.
  43. If you are taken, don’t forget everyone else.  Your friends will always be there.
  44. Listen to your man.  Guys may not open up well but it will mean the world to them if you just sit and listen.
  45. Soda is really BAD!  Occasionally it’s ok but soda is NOT good for you.  Lemonade, water with fruit, much better.
  46. Find your go-to coffee shop.  When I am feeling stressed or just need to get away from my desk I go tot my favorite coffee shop for a few minutes.  Just to take a few sips and rest my mind.
  47. Always keep your house smelling nice.  That is the one thing I always keep up on.  Candles, scented plug-ins.  The best feeling is walking into the room and smell a fresh scent.
  48. Love your job.  I mean you aren’t going to look forward to going to work every day, no one does.  But when you get to work, make sure you enjoy what your doing.
  49. Pay your bills on time!  Keep a calendar, know how much you need to put away.  Don’t spend till you pay your bills!
  50. Don’t owe people money.  Occasionally it’s ok but don’t lend or owe money.  It’s hard to keep track.
  51. Be social.  Even if you are uncomfortable or don’t know anyone, try to be social.  Even if you are quiet, just look engaged into the conversation and just listen.
  52. Travel, if you don’t have the time-off or money then weekend or day trips are great.
  53. You won’t look or feel your best every day but at least try to see the good in yourself every single day.
  54. Your body is curvy, not chunky.  Embrace your flaws and work for what you want to fix, but never belittle yourself.
  55. Grudges are bad, get over them.  Never go to bed angry.
  56. If you have something negative to say, seriously keep it to yourself!  Unless someone wants your negative comment, stay quiet.  It doesn’t help any situation.  Unwanted criticism and opinions are the worst.
  57. Online dating isn’t horrible or embarrassing, just be safe and know what you want.
  58. Stop dating guys that are commitment-phobes, be upfront and honest about what you want.  Don’t settle for less, trust me you will regret it if you sacrifice your needs.
  59. Spend your time with people who matter and stick around when you are at your best and worst.
  60. Be goofy and funny but know when to be serious.  I always have a sense of humor but know when to hide it and be serious.
  61. Complaining, don’t do it.  Stop…NOW!  It’s ok to complain once in a while but all the time?  For more than a few minutes?  NO ONE wants to hear that.
  62. Buy plants, water plants.  Plants make your house feel fresh and comfortable.  Brightens the room too.
  63. Eat your meals outside.  If you have a porch or outdoor seating eat outside.  It’s peaceful and a reason to get fresh-air.
  64. Make your profile picture on all social media sites professional and classy.  No duck-face, drunken hot mess selfies.  Use a picture that your parents would be proud of.
  65. Don’t be afraid of things that once scared you.  I am terrified to talk to a guy I think is attractive, it shouldn’t stop me, something I am working on.
  66. Go to happy hour, drink responsibly or not at all, just go out to be social.
  67. Don’t let others stop you from doing what you want, take advice but do what you feel is right.
  68. Hold a baby, it’s therapeutic.  You can’t be upset or angry when holding a baby.
  69. Laugh, don’t be serious. I am always laughing because it really is the best medicine.  Guys love a girl with a sense of humor too.  It’s a compliment when you truly laugh.
  70. Be self-sufficient, learn how to fix a sink.  I always check youtube to see if it’s even possible to fix something on my own.
  71. Talk to new people, you never know.  Again, with being social, it is so important.  Be open to new people, they might end up being your next best friend or love.
  72. Get a massage, get your nails done, hair done, pamper yourself once in a while.  Usually I do this once Spring starts, I go and pamper the Winter blues out of me.
  73. Take advantage of Groupon.  I love going on new adventures thanks to Groupon.
  74. Coupons ROCK.  Seriously you save money, it’s slightly exciting and you end up trying new foods.
  75. Theme each room of your house.  Makes decorating fun and easier.
  76. Make memories, always take pictures.  When you hit 50 you are going to want to have pictures to look back on and laugh at.
  77. Get glammed up and go out.  Get your friends together and go out on the town in your best outfit.
  78. Car maintenance.  Oil change, tire rotation, car washes.  If you want your car to run well for a long period of time, then you should keep up on it.  Worth every penny.
  79. Stand up once an hour.  Most of us sit at a desk 8 hours, 5 days a week.  That’s 40 hours of no movement.  Get up for 2-5 minutes every hour, you will feel great.
  80. Drink water, a lot of it, it’s great for your skin, keeps you full, makes you feel refreshed and it’s better than soda and no empty calories.
  81. Have a nice bed-set.  The best feeling in the world is when you lay in your nice clean bed.  Why not spoil yourself with a bed set that’s extremely comfortable.
  82. Sleep in, but not every day.  Usually I wake up early Saturdays and sleep in Sundays.  Just one day a week, sleep in a few extra hours.
  83. Get a pea-coat and a faux leather jacket.  Pea-coats are fancy and professional and leather jackets are cute for going out on the town.
  84. Splurge on makeup, it’s worth it.  I used to love cheap makeup but my skin didn’t.  Yes, it’s expensive but it lasts longer and looks nicer.
  85. Get a pet, whether it’s a dog or a cat, You will never feel alone if you have a pet that gives you unconditional love.
  86. Dance.  I am not a good dancer but sometimes I just get in that mood to dance.  Who cares if you can’t dance, just do it if it feels good.
  87. Sing in the car.  I like to sing when I am driving, makes me feel good.  I don’t think I have a great voice but then who is listening.
  88. Take a group class, whether it’s painting, sculpture, spinning etc.  You will have fun even if you aren’t good at it.  I go to painting classes all the time with friends, we have a blast.
  89. If you are struggling for motivation to lose weight, get a special outfit.  In my case its a bikini.  Buy it, try it on and use that as your goal.
  90. Wear your hair natural.  I have finally embraced my natural curls.  It’s healthier and people will notice.
  91. It’s ok to sulk and feel sorry for yourself, but don’t do it for more than 24 hours.  Take a day to just mope then go to bed and wake up with a positive outlook.
  92. I know we all want to rush into a relationship, rush into love, rush with pretty much everything that excites us.  But don’t.  Take time with everything you do.  Savor the moments.
  93. Regret will drive you into depression.  We all regret something we have done in the past, but to dwell on it for days, weeks, even years is just ridiculous.  Move on, it happens and you can’t change it.
  94. Ask for advice.  If you are struggling with a decision whether its a major life change or just which shirt to buy.  Ask. This is how we have regrets because we don’t ask for advice.
  95. Limit your time on Social Media, don’t post too many negative status’, don’t stalk your ex, DON’T drink and Post.
  96. Smile, it’s one of your best features.  Be mindful what expression you have on your face when your in public.  People gravitate towards good vibes, if you have a happy expression people will automatically feel attracted to your vibe.
  97. Write letters.  If you don’t feel you can express an emotion or if something is too difficult to say, write it down.  If you just really appreciate someone write them a letter.  It’s old-fashion and special.
  98. Always show your appreciation.  Even if it’s just a thank you for being in my life, people appreciate being told they are doing something right.
  99. Be ok with failing, you won’t be on you’re A-game every day.  Some days completely suck but you just have to push through it.
  100. Most of all…don’t doubt yourself, you can do anything.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because you will.

Don’t Forget, you don’t have to everything figured out by 30. 

-Mary Margaret

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Mary Margaret

My life is completely focused on living every-day to it's fullest. I try to better myself every-day whether it's the food I am eating, daily activities or my mental state of mind. Living with Anxiety issues and a crappy immune system makes life tricky but I have managed to float above water. I'm here to share my experiences and help others grow and maintain a better and healthier lifestyle.

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