5 ayurveda ways to change your lifeAyurveda is an ancient Indian practice that holds the key to greater emotional and physical well-being. In Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom, author and Vedika Global founder and spiritual director Acharya Shunya shares specific ways it can heal and transform your life. To start experiencing its holistic benefits, start with these five nourishing tips.

  1. Set your sleep and wake schedule. Sleep is pivotal to a healthy life. Getting to bed by 10 pm and waking up at or before 6 am sets you up for better rest.

  3. Stay cool. To counteract the external heat during summer, Shunya recommends cooling off with light, cool and calming foods, and engaging in cooling activities such as taking moonlit walks.

  5. Change your thinking. Instead of looking to Ayurveda as a way to fix something wrong or heal from illness and disease, she says it’s important to realize “your true nature, your Self, is already flawlessly healthy. So you are invited to quit thinking thoughts such as I want health. Think instead, I am health. And this Ayurveda lifestyle will simply aid me (the mind-body–based me) to live in closer proximity to this inner perfection, my true Self.” Instead of “chasing health,” she believes a change of mindset to accept our inherent perfection and body’s ability to heal plays an important role in your health and well-being.

  7. Eat whole foods. Processed and packaged foods are convenient, but lack many essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep us healthy. More importantly, these types of foods are considered toxic, harmful and can interfere with proper digestion.

  9. Skip fad smoothies and juices. It’s a trend these days to fast on liquid diets, but so-called miracle foods in frozen drinks can actually cause more harm than good by causing stomach upset and wreaking havoc on our digestion.

What’s the secret ingredient to practicing Ayurveda? Keep it simple, fresh and follow the natural flow of the seasons and your body.

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