Advanced Abs

Also known as:
Core Training
Strenth Training
Once Circuit(4 or 5 exercises, 25 reps each)
Rest Period:
60 seconds in between sets
Main muscles worked:
Abs and Core

Feeling like you’ve hit a plateau in your exercise routine or not feeling challenged anymore?
There’s an unlimited variety of exercises you can choose from, but maybe you’re one of those people that has a few staple exercises as your go to and you don’t like to stray too far from your routine…No problem! There’s so many movements you can take from a beginners level, to intermediate and advanced just by tweaking the angle or path of the movement.

This week I wanted to show you guys how to take a basic sit up for your ab routine to the next level.

medicine ball sit ups

First I start with showing you guys a basic sit up using a medicine ball.

  • Start with your feet planted on the ground and knees bent, holding the medicine ball at your chest.
  • Tighten your core and contract your abs as you raise up into the sitting position while reaching for the sky with the medicine ball.
  • Control the movement back down into the supine position.

medicine ball sit ups

To advance the movement to an intermediate challenge, next I take the basic sit up from the floor to a bench to change the angle of the movement, creating a greater challenge.

  • Find a decline bench (you’ll need one with foot pads at the end to hold you in).
  • Continue the same movement from the first basic version.
  • Taking the movement into a decline path increases the range of motion, creating greater stress on your core.

leg raises

To really take it to the advanced level I show you guys a decline reverse sit up with a hip raise.

  • Still need the decline bench but your head should be at the top (near the foot pads) instead of the bottom as shown in the last movement.
  • Anchor yourself by holding onto a bar or part of the bench behind your head.
  • By contracting your abs, raise your legs up in a reverse crunch.
  • When you’ve reached the 90 degree angle with your hips and legs, the last part of the movement making this one really challenging is raising your hips off the bench, pointing your toes to the sky as high as you can.
  • The hip raise movement is still done by using your core muscles so be sure to keep your core contracted and tight throughout the whole movement up and back down, at an even and controlled speed to reduce the risk of back injury.

Reps and sets:

Pick the version that best suits your skill level and add it into your ab routine.

  • I like to pick about 4 or 5 different ab exercises and complete them in a circuit. (example: 25 reps each exercise, complete all reps for the 4 or 5 different movements, rest 1 min, then repeat. Complete as many rounds as possible)
    • If you’re at the beginners level with ab exercises challenge yourself to progressively advance to the next movement every couple weeks!

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