Balance Ball Core Exercise Routine

Woman Doing Balance Ball Squats
Also known as:
Balance Ball Squats

Strength, Tone and Balance
12-24, Count is pretty flexible if more tone and balance focused do greater reps and less sets
Rest Period:
30-45 seconds

Main muscles worked:
Core muscle groups, squats of course are also providing leg workouts as well but core is emphasized

This half balance ball exercise routine is excellent at strengthening your core muscles, improving balance and hip flexor range of motion. It’s important to recognize that your working on a moving surface and will have to counter the balls movement with your body in order to maintain the desired position. These small movements trigger and activate the core in ways that everyday movements do not and therin lies the advantage of this workout.

  1. Begin in a semi-squat position that you find easy to maintain balance in
  2. Keep your arms outstretched to aid in balancing
  3. Gradually lower yourself into a parallel squat position while maintaining balance
  4. Gradually come out of the squat maintaining balance
  5. Repeat to complete desired rep count

As these are a no weight exercise do set counts that ensure you are feeling them. If you are struggling to recognize this think about it the day after and see if you can detect the engagement in your core.

Woman Doing Balance Ball Jump Squats

Additionally Balance Ball Jumps as shown in this image are also excellent use of the balance ball for core and leg strengthening.

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