Turf Exercise

Cardio/ Upper Body
30 seconds work/30seconds rest.
Rest Period:
1 minute after full round.
Main muscles worked:
Upper Body

Burn off some holiday calories and sculpt your arms with this battle rope HIIT circuit.

If you’re looking to maximize your time and effort, shed some fat and gain some muscle mass, a HIIT circuit with some resistance training is exactly what you need. I’ve put together a fast paced workout using battle ropes which is a great exercise that offers full body strength straining and cardio all in one.

One of the things that make the battle ropes one of the most simple yet effective pieces of equipment to have in your gym is that you can get a full body workout at any skill/strength level. You can add in a variety of body exercises while using the ropes, i.e. squat press, jumping jacks, reverse lunges, etc., to intensify the circuit according to your fitness level and goals.

This week I put together a simple circuit using the basic battle rope moves at a beginner level, so that anyone who may not have ever tried using battle ropes can complete. If you’re looking for a more intense full body battle rope workout, check back next week for the real battle…


For this circuit, you will need zero to minimal equipment.
Just a set of battle ropes!

Alternating Rope Slams – With a good base stance (feet shoulder width apart, knees bent) and keeping your core tight, alternately raise the rope above your head and slam back to the floor, repeating with the other arm creating a wave with the ropes.

Double Rope Slams – Same as above, using both arms in tandem.

Jumping Jacks – Can be done with or without the battle ropes. If using the battle ropes, hold them in a neutral grip, take a few steps toward the base that the rope is anchored to and give the rope some slack. Complete as a normal jumping jack.

Wave – Similar to the alternating rope slam, however instead of raising the arms all the way up, keep the elbows tucked to the sides of the body, alternately pumping the arms up and down. This puts more emphasis on the biceps.

Double Wave – Same as above, using both arms in tandem.

Add this to the end of your upper body day to completely fatigue your muscles or complete as many rounds as you can (or reduce rest time between rounds) for all out fat burning session.

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