Woman Tricep Extension

Bench Tricep Dips

Also known as:
Strength Training
If using only bodyweight – 12-15 reps
If adding weight – 10-12 reps
Complete 4 sets

Rest Period:
60-90 seconds in between sets
Main muscles worked:
Tricep. Also works the deltoid (shoulder muscle).

This weeks exercise tip is how to shape the back of your upper arms; a common area of complaint for anyone who loses a significant amount of weight or may be feeling the aging process as we lose strength and muscle mass. I’m sure everyone has heard someone complain about their “flabby” underarms, or maybe you had all intentions of rocking those tank tops this summer but still are not confident with your upper arms. The tricep dip is a great versatile upper body exercise that really targets and shapes that common weak area of the arm. Dips are a staple in my upper body routines because you can do them at any skill level and anywhere you can find a stable surface. No equipment needed!

If you are a beginner with little to no muscle strength:

  1. Start seated on the floor with your feet planted on the ground and knees bent. Place your hands behind you, aligned underneath your shoulders (finger tips should face your hips). Hips should be off the floor, holding yourself in a hovering position.
  2. Lower yourself to the floor (just making slight contact, don’t sit and release tension), keeping elbows in, close to your sides and your chest and torso up.
  3. Raise your body back up, straightening your arms, really squeezing with your tricep muscle at the top.

To increase the challenge:

  • Use more of an incline (i.e. a bench) or move feet further from the body.
  • Add weight to your lap (weight plate or dumbbell)
  • Use a tricep dip machine (assisted or unassisted) and add a weight belt for the ultimate challenge.
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