Box Jumps

Also known as:
Plyometrics Box Jump

Strength and Conditioning
12-24, Count is pretty flexible if more tone and balance focused do greater reps and less sets
Rest Period:
30-45 seconds

Main muscles worked:
Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Glutes

This exercise is a great one for burning off fat while strengthening and toning your body. Not only will it work the designated muscle groups but also is excellent for strengthening your core as you need to strongly engage your core to propel the jump.

Plyometrics is essentially jump training in which muscles exert maximum force in a very short period of time with the goal of increasing speed and power. The essense of doing a plyometric move is to combine jumping exercises in as short of a time window as possible.

  1. Begin in a comfortable resting position on the floor with the item to be jumped onto squarerly in front of you
  2. Bend your knees in preperation of jumping bring your arms behind you
  3. Initiate the jump using your entire body including arm swing to assist in lift and balance
  4. Land with your feet on the edge of the platform
  5. Bend your knees and bring your arms in front of you in anticipation of the jump backwards to where you started from
  6. Repeat the process as quickly as you feel comfortable maintaing a safe balance and jump location

These exercises will also get your heart rate pumping at a high clip. Ensure that your rest period allows you to properly catch your breath before tackling the next set.

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