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Nutrisystem Diet Plan

Nutrisystem Diet Plan ReviewBy:
Written: March 12th, 2011



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A strong weight loss plan with food delivered direct to your home in portion controlled sizes

Bottom Line

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a change for the better. It focuses on identifying bad habits and emotional reasons behind unhealthy eating, and making positive diet modifications while adding in the right amount of activity for each individual user. Daily advice and support, a community forum, powerful mobile apps and more, all for just $5 per week.

Mayo Clinic How It Works


Ideal For

  • Anyone who wants to lose weight

  • People who need a long-term regime for eating healthily

  • Those who want to learn about fitness and nutrition


  • 24/7 support and advice

  • Join a community of people who are working towards weight loss

  • Very competitively priced

  • Newsletters and advice to your inbox

  • Easy to follow Lose it, Live it plans

  • Habit tracker and Serving tracker

  • Food and Fitness Journal


  • No prepared meals or ingredients

  • 75 calorie limit on treats/alcohol intake

 Why Go with the Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet aims to help people of all ages and all walks of life make healthy changes to their diet, habits and routine which affect their weight and happiness for the better. They have been around for over 100 helping millions of users with clinically tested techniques for active and nutritious lifestyles and diets. The experts who work for the Mayo Clinic are specialists, not just in health and nutrition, but also in weight management, health psychology and much more.

This plan is perfect for users who might have struggled with their weight over the years and are ready for more than a quick fix. It won’t save time on meal preparation, cooking or shopping, and there are no ready meals or ingredients delivered to make it simpler. Instead, weekly newsletters, 24/7 guidance and advice, and a real community of people just like you are on hand to keep motivation levels high, and teach you everything important about a nutritious, balanced and healthy lifestyle and diet.

What They Offer

  • Personalized meal plans

  • Hundreds of recipes and lifestyle tips

  • Interactive tools to track progress

  • Fitness and exercise plans

  • Weight and inch tracker

More Reasons to Choose The Mayo Clinic Diet


We absolutely love the quiz which new members need to take to sign up to The Mayo Clinic Diet. This covers many elements of health and wellbeing, and helps the staff behind the scenes to give each member a personalized diet and exercise plan which suits not just their weight and body shape, but also their expectations and knowledge.

Questions include things like:

  • What is motivating you to lose weight right now, family, friends, an occasion or to look better?

  • How often do you eat watching television?

  • How active would you say you are?

  • What is your biggest weight loss obstacle, from disliking fruits and vegetables, to not having the time for exercise?

All of these help build a diet profile which is targeted to each individual user.  

Diet Profile

Once users have completed the quiz, they will then receive their own individualized diet profile. This has multiple benefits. Breaking bad habits is one large element of the Mayo Clinic Diet. From eating dinner in front of the television or snacking mindlessly while sitting in the office, the clinic offer a habit tracker so that users can work out what they are doing wrong.

Portion control is also really important, and the diet plan profile will show users how to reflect this on their plate. Most people severely underestimate what portions should be in ratio to each other, and the Mayo Clinic Diet uses visual cues to make this easier, and gives each person access to recipes and meal plans while they get the hang of it.

While some people might put on weight after a change like a new baby, there are usually emotional reasons behind the scenes too. Loneliness, stress or boredom can all be reasons for putting on the lbs, so the Mayo Clinic includes access to support and information to help users deal with the feelings behind the food. Users will also be able to chat to other members of the Mayo Clinic community who have been going through the same things as one another. There is 24/7 access to dieticians and expert advice.  

How it Works

Signing up to Mayo Clinic focuses on health and weight loss goals from step one. Users will need to enter their current weight, height and their goal weight, as well as including their age and email address. This helps Mayo Clinic work out the right personalized meal plans and diet options for each subscriber.

Once subscribed, users will have access to all of the content the Mayo Clinic Diet offers, including the powerful mobile apps.

The program is split into two sections, Lose it and Live it.

Lose it is the first two weeks of the diet plan, and is designed to help anyone jump start their weight loss. The clinic advertise that users can lose between 6 and 10 lbs during those two weeks in a safe and healthy way. This is the beginning of learning the tools which anyone needs to eat healthily and manage an active lifestyle. With this plan, users will identify their bad habits and temptations, and begin to track their way to success.

Live it is more of a long term plan, and transitions users to something more maintainable, complete with steady weight loss towards a goal, and expert guidance and support. The Mayo Clinic call this the last diet you’ll ever need.

Mayo Clinic recipes

Variety of Food Offered

The Mayo Food Clinic Diet is based upon the Mayo Clinic Pyramid. The foundation of the pyramid is vegetables and fruits, which users are allowed unlimited amounts of. The minimum recommended amounts are three fruits and four vegetable portions per day. This should be without fattening preparation techniques like sauces or oils, and there are some fruits which are considered too sugary for regular intake, too.

The pyramid recommends between 4-8 servings per day of healthy carbs such as whole grains and brown rice. On the diet users will steer clear of white flour and refined sugars which are found in many processed snacks and white bread.

Protein and Dairy are recommended in servings of between 3-7 per day. Lean meats, nuts, beans, soy and cheeses are all big parts of the menu. Healthy fats are also important, from avocado and fatty fish, to olive oil and nuts.

Sweets and other treats are limited to 75 calories per day, curbing the sweet tooth craving without giving into bad habits.

The Mayo Clinic Website has some sample menus to look at before users sign up, and hundreds of choices for meals which stick to the pyramid and it’s proven track record.