Compound Exercise Workout

Compound Exercises
25 Reps, 5 rounds
Rest Period:
1 min
Main muscles worked:

Train smarter, not harder, with compound exercises. If you’re limited on time or just looking to get more out of your workout with doing less exercises, your workouts should focus on compound exercises.


For this you will posibly need a sledpush, or maybe a large tire.

In order to effectively add compound lifts into your routine, you need to understand what a compound exercise is and why they are more beneficial than single-joint or isolation exercises. A compound exercise is a movement that works multiple muscle groups and two or more joints at once.

There are two types of compound movements:

  1. An exercise that recruits multiple muscle groups and joints; such as squats, lunges and deadlifts.
  2. A movement that is two or more exercises strung together; such as a renegade row (pushup to row with a dumbbell), or a bicep curl to a shoulder press.

When working multiple muscle groups at once, you are requiring your body to use more energy output, thus creating a higher calorie burning capacity in your workout. When I am short on time and know that I don’t have a lot of time to get a “full” routine in, I put anywhere from 2-4 compound lifts together for a quick but extremely effective workout.

And there are other benefits as well beyond just saving you time.

  • Create a greater hormonal response, leading to increased muscle growth (the greater the stress on the body, the more hormone output happens during and after exercise).
  • Build a stronger core. (did you catch last week’s article on why a strong core is important??) No matter what compound exercise you choose to do, your core will have to work more to stabilize the movement.
  • Improve intramuscular coordination. Most movements of the body are controlled through multiple muscles acting together at once. Consider the hip, controlled by all three glute muscles (gluteus maximus, minimus and medius). By doing compound lifts that work the hips in all three planes of motion (squats, lunges and deadlifts) you are encouraging all three major muscles to work more efficiently with each other.
  • Increase your cardiovascular output without traditional cardio. Recruiting more muscle tissue causes the heart to pump harder to be able to supply blood to all the active tissue being stressed. This will effectively elevate your heart rate without having to step on that dreaded treadmill.

One of my favorite compound exercises is the tire flip. For me this exercise is fun and challenging all in one and I get to work my legs, core and arms all in one movement.
tire flip
Here’s some other great compound lifts you can try adding into your routine.

  • Renegade Row
  • Pushup
  • Step-up with a Reverse Lunge
  • Squat-to-overhead press
  • Deadlifts
  • Thrusters

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