Lower Body Circuit

Woman performing deadlifts through three positioons

This is an essential lower back exercise that is key to any weight lifting routine. Additionally it is known to have a lot of core benefit that strengthens your ability to do a wide range of other exercises.

When doing deadlifts it is important to do them with proper form and to start with weight that is appropriate for you. As you progress with these, they are a good exercise to push yourself and establish your maximum on.

Proper Form – It is so important to get proper form with this exercise so as not to cause strain or injury to your back

Rest Period:
30 seconds
Main muscles worked:

Safety – As you push yourself use a weightlifting belt on this exercise to reduce the risk of injury
Assistance – Wrist straps are a big help at lifting heavier weights while deadlifting because they take the load off of your grip allowing you to lift heavier and have your arms/hands aid in holding the weight

    1. Starting Position: Knees bent and but pointed down toward the ground hands are slightly wider than shoulder width and legs are at shoulder width
    2. Middle Position: Lifting with your legs and back lift the barbell to your knees
    3. Last Position: Straighten your lower back out until you are standing straight up, emphasizing the flex in your hamstrings as you top this out ensures good transfer from hamstrings to lower back with the weight
    4. In a controlled motion lower yourself back to the starting position and repeat

The reason this is considered a full body exercise is because despite your lower back and hamstrings doing the heavy lifting most all your other muscle groups come into play when executed properly

If you feel discomfort in your lower back while doing this exercise STOP! Ask someone for more instruction to ensure you complete them safely

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