Outdoor HIIT Training.

Core Workout
25 Reps, 5 rounds
Rest Period:
1 min
Main muscles worked:

If you’re thinking of giving up on those ab exercises while you trade in your bikinis for sweaters think again! I hear of people all the time who neglect their core during strength training because they don’t have a goal of having a six-pack. Not having a goal to see a visible six-pack is fine! Having a weak core on the other hand can turn into more problems than just not wanting to be seen without a shirt.

Here’s Five ways strengthening your core carries over into your overall health:


For this circuit all you need is an elevated surface (i.e. park bench, box, platform, etc.) and a pull up bar.

  1. Get rid of back pain.
    • A common side effect of a weak core is back pain. If the abdominal muscles are weak, the back muscles have to be overly strong to support your core. Over time more pressure may be applied to the spinal cord, causing pain, without the proper core support.
  2. Reduce the risk of injuries.
    • People who tend to sit for long periods of time usually sit with a tilted pelvis and arched back without engaging their core. If we’re not mindful of our posture while sitting for these extended times it could lead to things like compressed discs in the spine.
  3. Improve your lifts.
    • Having a strong core allows for better stability and strength that will carry over into other exercises and compound lifts.
  4. Improve your confidence with great posture.
    • When you have a strong core your more aware of when its engaged and it’s hard not to walk tall with confidence. A strong posture exudes strength, while a weak slumped posture just looks…defeated.
  5. Feel Great!
    • Having a strong core can reduce pain, give you more freedom in movement, and have you turning heads next time you walk in a room with a confident and strong posture. Ftiness is just as much about feeling good on the inside as it is looking good on the outside and that starts with our core.

To start building your core up follow this ab circuit you can do from the park, the gym or anywhere with a bench and a stable bar you can hang from.

Seated Reverse Crunch

seated reverse crunch

Hanging Leg Raises

hanging leg raises



Complete 25 reps of the first 2 exercises and then plank for 1 minute, or as long as you can with a goal of working up to 1 minute.

Complete 5 rounds. Keep the movements in the reverse crunch and the leg raises very slow and controlled to keep the abdominal muscles engaged for maximum time. Add this circuit to the end of your workout or after some cardio to keep the body overall strong and healthy!

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