During stressful times, we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Whether it’s big projects at work, trying to loss that stubborn weight, saving money or anything that makes you feel like you’re failing. We can be SO hard on ourselves that it causes depression, anger and self-abusive tendencies. Stop being so hard on yourself today. Know that failure can happen, but putting yourself down doesn’t make getting back on the horse any easier. Take these steps into consideration next time you’re feeling down on yourself.

  1. Life is one big learning experience. Everything you do teaches you a lesson. Stand tall, recover and move on when in the face of failure.
  2. Stop comparing your situation to others. Not one situation is identical, we all handle our problems in different ways. Be at your own pace and don’t try to be like anyone else.
  3. Stand up for yourself, if you feel what you are doing is right, don’t let someone else tear you down, respectively stand up for yourself. The more confidence you express, the easier others can see your side.
  4. Learn from criticism. You can’t ignore or get angry at criticism. Everyone dishes it out, so do you. Let it happen and take it as a positive.
  5. Take pride in your weaknesses. We all have something we don’t like about ourselves or our mannerisms, doesn’t mean we beat ourselves up for them. Take those faults and spin them in a positive way. Be proud of being human.
  6. Dwelling on the past will dig a big hole that you will struggle to get out of. Seriously, dwelling on something you did wrong days, months, years ago will drive you into a deep depression. Instead of saying “why did I do that?” say “ok, that happened, let’s not do that again and instead do this…”
  7. Be smart. Think before you act. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with yourself, step back write it all down and assess the damage and stress. Think smarter not faster.
  8. Remove negative energy from your life. Whether it’s people, objects, situations, if it’s causing you to hate on yourself then maybe you should re-think how and where you spend your time.
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Mary Margaret

My life is completely focused on living every-day to it's fullest. I try to better myself every-day whether it's the food I am eating, daily activities or my mental state of mind. Living with Anxiety issues and a crappy immune system makes life tricky but I have managed to float above water. I'm here to share my experiences and help others grow and maintain a better and healthier lifestyle.

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