Dumbbell Lunges

Also known as:
Weighted Lunge

Strength and Balance
A typical set would be 10-15 reps, if you are going for endurance and stamina you could go higher up to 25 count
Rest Period:
As a major muscle group a rest period of 60 seconds is good

Main muscles worked:
Quadriceps and Hamstrings

This is a great exercise for improving balance while strengthening your leg muscles. It also can be a very therapeutic exercise for your knee as it engages the small muscles around the knee. Consider pairing this exercise with an unweighted or weighted sidestep to work the knee joint and it’s supporting muscles to the maximum.

Before starting this routine it is recommended that you do at least the minimum stretching to warm up the body parts involved

  • Start with an upright torso with the dumbbells hanging loosely by your side. The dumbbells do not have to be heavy as they are there more for providing a lateral load to the motion you are performing. Anywhere in the 15-40lb range should be good based on your overall strength.
    1. Weighted Lunge Down Position

    2. Step forward with either leg a distance slightly wider than your shoulder width, stepping too far forward puts excess strain on your knee joint – Inhaling as you go down
    3. As you are stepping keep your shoulders and torso square
    4. Also keep your front leg shin perpendicular to the floor
    5. Using your heel push up and go back to the starting position – Exhale while exerting
    6. Repeat the motion for the same starting leg for your repetition count
    7. Repeat the procedure for your opposite leg
    8. Time your break so that you don’t let the muscle relax too much
  • If you struggle with retaining your balance while doing this exercise start without dumbells and build your strength up until the dumbbells feel natural

There are a couple of ways you can vary this exercise

  • Alternating legs as you go
  • Walking while you do them
  • Carrying the dumbbell in only one hand, creates tension diagonally across your core as you do them further strengthening your balance

This exercise puts strain on your knees if you have knee problems consult a doctor, or your physical therapist, before attempting this exercise

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