Spring Break is coming up fast, then soon to follow is Spring and Summer. Sundresses, shorts and bikini time! You’re probably feeling like me and still regretting the large quantity of snacks, sweets and drinks that were consumed over the holidays. There’s still time to get the body you want by Summer! First of all is changing your diet. No more sugary drinks, no more fruity alcoholic drinks. Stick to champagne, a lot less calories. Eat more protein and less carbs. Stop snacking on cookies, chips and candies. Pizza, burritos (my weakness) all need to be stopped or reduced by 99%. Most of all drink water! Drink A LOT of water. I’ve put together a list of 7 workouts that I do right at home, no gym required. It’s easy to do and easy to follow. You can do it while watching tv which is nice as long as you don’t slow down and get distracted. For me I just do each exercise in 2 minute intervals, you can do 60 seconds if you want to start and I do each workout 4x so about an hour workout. If I am low on time I just do 2x.


Squats are very easy, just place your legs arms width apart, or further if you’re daring. Raise your arms up like your about to box, fists up and keep your back straight. Now dip your body down then up. Do that over and over again.

Cross Knees to Elbows

This is a great workout to get your heart rate pumping. Standing up straight, raise your arms to your head. Now while rotating your upper body to the left, lift your left leg up, knee as high as you can go. Now rotate and do the other side.

Alternating Front Dumbbell Raise

This is a great starting work out for the arms because it’s so simple. Take two weights or what I do is use kettlebells and just lift. Alternating arms lift your arm straight out without bending the elbows.

Medicine Ball Squat with Overhead Lift

Back to the squats. You can use a medicine ball or use a kettlebell. Instead of spreading your legs arms width apart go a bit further. While holding the medicine ball raise it up high above your head. Now bring it down to your waist while squatting. Then go back up, stand straight with the medicine ball above your head. Then again, up then down.

Hip Raises

I love hip raises, very easy to do and you can feel the tightness in your abs, butt and thighs. Also, a great starter for the floor workouts. I’d highly recommend getting a yoga mat for these because it’s comfortable and more supportive than just a blanket or the floor. Now following the pose in the diagram, lay down on your back, knees up arms flat at your side. Lift your but up as high as you can. Hold it for as long as you can, I do 10-20 seconds at a time.

Elbow to Knee Crunch

While lying on the mat, cross your arms up to your head, life your head up. Then lift your legs up in the air and just like a crunch lift your chest towards your legs towards your chest. But for this you will alternate your arms and legs just like the Cross Knees to Elbows. When you lift your head and chest up rotate your left arm towards your right knee. Then vice versa with the right arm and left knee.

Jackknife Crunch on Aerobic Step

For this last workout which to me is the hardest you will need an aerobic step. If you don’t have one that’s fine I just use my yoga mat. Sit up on your but with your legs outwards. Place your hands on the floor supporting your body. Lift your knees up to your chest (but not all the way to your chest) and then push out till your legs are flat. While pushing out with your legs, lean your shoulders and chest back. Hold it then come back in. Repeat.

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