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When it comes to choosing a diet meal plan, we tend to lean towards the more trusted brands. Plans that are backed by Doctors and Nutritionists. Mayo Clinic is one of the most popular and highly-respected hospitals in the country. With branches all over the country with award-winning rankings. “Mayo Clinic” is pretty much a house-hold name. So why wouldn’t you trust a diet meal plan created by the Doctors at Mayo Clinic. The goal of the Mayo Clinic Diet is to not temporarily but permanently change the way you diet and exercise. The Doctors at Mayo Clinic want What is Mayo Clinic?you to live the healthiest life you can live forever. We all know life can get hectic and we tend to skip meals or eat poorly because of convenience, we slack on exercise because of “no-time” or plain laziness. But how can Mayo Clinic’s diet meal plan change the way we eat and workout for life?

How it Works!

First of all, the Mayo Clinic Diet was created by a team of the hospitals top Doctors. So, you know this plan was well researched and medically proven to work, but what exactly is the science behind the diet? Well, it’s simple. This plan helps you break your bad habits, structure your daily routine and make better and healthier eating choices. With two intense phases, this diet meal plan will retrain your mind and body to be healthier and lose weight.

First phase is “Lose It!” which is a two-week program designed to kick start your weight loss. This will help you lose up to 6-10 pounds. Which is a great start! In this two weeks, you will learn how to eat better and input new diet and exercise changes into your everyday life. All of your bad habits will be identified and diminished.

Second phase is “Live It!” this is the tricky yet fun part. Keeping up with your diet and exercise, you will see a gradual change in your weight. Expect to see a 1 to 2-pound loss till you reach your goal weight. This weight loss plan was designed to be the last plan you will ever need.

The Cost and What It Includes

When you sign up for the Mayo Clinic diet meal plan, you will enter your height, weight and goal weight. Then you will answer a series of questions about your lifestyle. These questions help get to the bottom on what issues caused your weight gain and what you need to work on moving forward in your journey. All of this for just #5 per day! Included in this is all the tools you will need for your journey. These tools will help you cook healthier meals, learn portion control, start a workout plan full of exercises and tips. Also includes a fitness tracker, food journal and weight tracker.

Sample Recipes?

Mayo Clinic Sample Recipes

There’s a wide variety of recipes on the Mayo Clinic Diet. Each meal contains a healthy amount of fruits, vegetables, protein, healthy fats, dairy and even sweets. For example, a sample 1-Day meal plan during the “Lose It!” plan would be Rancher’s Eggs for breakfast, Couscous Salad for lunch and Chicken and Eggplant Stir-Fry for dinner. Then a 1-Day meal plan on the “Live It!” plan would be Banana Oatmeal Hot Cakes for breakfast, Black Bean Burgers for lunch and Scallops with Potatoes and Greens for dinner. All healthy options to keep you full and satisfied.

In conclusion, the Mayo Clinic Diet is a great choice for people who want to not only lose weight but who want to get into a completely healthy lifestyle. If you want to change your life forever, then this is your plan. This plan was created by a world-class team of Doctors and Nutrition Experts, how can you go wrong. If that doesn’t have you sold than try out this diet meal plan with our FREE Trial HERE.


  1. Todd

    Trying to cook in a healthy fashion is very difficult. I find0 Mayo Clinic Diet easy to follow and execute.

  2. Jenny

    Two Phases, so Easy. I love Mayo Clinic! Once you get past Phase 1 the lifestyle change is so easy to stick to.


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