Meditation Will Make You Feel GreatAs a proponent of zen from a psychological perspective I feel that I should share with you the reasons that a daily meditation make me feel great.

  • I have a greater tolerance for the little annoying things that happen in daily life. Meditating helps me to detach from those strong immediate emotions and remain focused on what is important. For example when;
    1. The driver that cuts me off and I can still smile and wave without a common hand gesture
    2. The marketer that calls my mobile phone whilst I am deep into my workflow
    3. My own incompetence for not getting something done on time when it was clearly laid out in my tasks and objectives i.e. my own ineptitude
  • Focus and concentration without question I am better able to stay focused and re-focus when necessary. An incidental benefit of this is that I don’t stress as much as many of my peers as I feel more accomplished at the end of each day.
  • General Health, I am more relaxed and recover from physical activity better and I believe this is due to my ability to sleep well and remain focused on what I need to

Not encumbered by the perspective of self. When you meditate you let go of self and see passed the uglier emotions that plague us all from time to time. What this means is you’re better able to recognize when you are becoming jealous, insecure or embarrassed and minimize the effect it has on your present activities.

Remember meditation is not a religion or commitment to any form of religion. Therefore, it will not interfere with any of your current belief systems but support them and bring you better in tune to your own values and spirituality.

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Matt Bradley

I am an enthusiast of Healthy Living through the communal sharing of experiences and science. As a Zen practitioner I enjoy learning about ways to be in touch with my inner balance and imparting the information to others. I also enjoy a good snort of bourbon but will not try and impart that passion on our readers here.

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