Lose weight. Possibly the most common New Year’s resolution for everyone. I know that it was mine for several Januaries, but something changed this past one. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars to a fancy gym, spending even more on supplements and work-out clothes, on top of purchasing “whole foods” that I never even ate, I found something that works for me, saves me time, and protects my hard earned dollars from going to waste. Every year I was gung-ho at the beginning of January and every
spring, I was back to stuffing my face with chocolate ice-cream while watching a weight loss show on the television. Sick and tired of sitting on my butt watching other people succeed, I got on my computer and researched what turned out to be my belated Christmas miracle.

Nutrisystem saved me from my reckless self. Before, I never had enough time to get to the gym, or prepare healthy meals. I was all alone and had no support. I didn’t even know how to track my successes. All those things combined made it virtually impossible to ever lose weight let alone keep it off. Once I started Nutrisystem all of that changed. I started in January and by February had already lost 8lbs. In four weeks.* I lost more weight than I ever had in a month working half has hard as I did in the past.

I order my food online and it comes straight to my door. Because I live in a rural area, this is perfect. When I started to feel alone or confused there is always a councilor ready and willing to talk to me either over the phone or online. I succeeded because it was easy to succeed! I could conveniently order my favorite food, and all I had to do was stick to my plan. I didn’t have to count points or go to group weigh ins. I was so happy to realize I can do this all on my own and in the comfort of my own home. This time, by spring I felt so much better about myself and developed a sense of confidence I never thought I had.

Because I am older and was overweight, I had developed medical problems that I took medications for. Six months of ordering my food, losing weight and living my life, the doctor adjusted my medications I had finally found a real life solution to losing weight, and I didn’t have to spend a fortune to do it!

I think by far my most favorite thing about changing my life was that I didn’t have to sacrifice my favorite foods to do so. There are so many options for every meal of the day. Pizza, quesadillas, chicken, pasta, muffins, chocolate, they have everything that most foodies like myself willingly indulge in. They understand that I enjoy my food and often consider it a reward for all the energy I expend during the day. The mornings I wake up to my chocolate muffin are pure heaven.

The thing is, once you start your plan and you find the food you like, the pounds seem to disappear so long as you stick with it. The only requirement for success is “sticktoitivness”. I found I had more time now to try new things now that I didn’t have to prepare my foods or go to weekly meetings. I also started becoming more aware of my lifestyle choices. Because of Nutrisystem I quit drinking alcohol, I quit smoking, and I even joined a baseball team! Those are three things that never would have happened in my life if I didn’t become a part of the Nutrisystem family. I say family because that is what it feels like. We all have that same “I want to lose weight” feeling at the beginning of the year and most of us fail by the time the snow melts. I went from having a new year’s resolution to a new life evolution. I am the happiest, healthiest, and most confident than I have ever been and that is the best feeling in the world. What started out with a new year’s resolution to lose weight turned into a permanent lifestyle change all thanks to the lovely support staff and delectable food from Nutrisystem.

I truly hope my story empowers others to give Nutrisystem a shot. They just launched a new promotion called “Turbo 10” which is a complete program that can help you lose up to 10 pounds and 5 inches off your waist in the first month! If your interested in giving this a try feel free to use the following link and receive 40% off your first order! Click Here – To get 40% off

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