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Aren’t Diet Meal Plans Expensive?

When you think diet and weight loss, you look for the most highly rated plans.  Let’s say you choose Nutrisystem, it’s one of the top diet meal plans and is highly recommended.  Wow, diet meal plan?  That sounds expensive, right?  Eating 4-5 times a day can be pricey.  But if you think about how much you spend on groceries per week, per day and even per month, that’s just as expensive.  But then you check out Nutrisystem’s website and realize wow, the price of food is not bad at all.  Very affordable and you barely have to spend any time in a grocery store.  Not convinced?  Let’s go through the details.

Is Nutrisystem Affordable?

How many hours per week do you spend in a grocery store unsure of what to eat, confused about what ingredients you will need.  Then by the time you actually cook your meals it takes a lot of work and time and you end up overeating.  Well if you had Nutrisystem all that time and uncertainty would be avoided.  All you have to do is choose the already prepped meals, heat in the microwave and you’re done!  But there’s one major question on everyone’s mind.  Isn’t a diet meal plan service expensive?  Won’t eating 4-5 times per day cost a lot of money?  The answer is NO!  Nutrisystem cost is so affordable.  Let’s use Nutrisystem’s top rated plan as an example.  $11.96 per day, that’s about $12 for 3 meals and 2 snacks.  That’s around $3 per meal.  When broken down you can see that the value is awesome!  Outside the plan, you only need to buy fruits, veggies and whatever else you would like.  Many people get low fat yogurts and cheese sticks.  There’s SO many meals to choose from, it’s exciting.  There’s something for every craving.  If you go out to a restaurant for a nice Italian dinner you’re paying around $15-20 for a huge portion that you will most likely over-eat, or you can get one of Nutrisystem’s many Italian cuisines for a few bucks, with a perfect portion and still lose weight.  Still not convinced?  Let’s break down each plan and price.  Give you some reassurance.
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The Break-Down

Nutrisystem’s diet meal plans are all very affordable, but each plan suits different needs.  Let’s break down the Nutrisystem cost of each plan for you.  See if one fits you best.  The basic plan is $9.82 per day, that’s $274.99 for 4 weeks.  That includes free shipping with a guarantee of losing up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in the first month.  This plan is pre-selected so it takes the fun out of choosing the meals you specifically like.  The Core Plan is $10.54 per day which is $294.99 for 4 weeks.  The shipping is still free and the guaranteed weight loss is the same.  The difference is you can choose your own meals.  You also get access to counselors and dietitians, just an added bonus to help you lose the weight easier.  Lastly the Uniquely Yours plan which is the top-rated plan with the highest value.  This comes in at $11.96 per day and $334.99 for 4 weeks.  This has the best of both worlds except you get to choose from more food choices and from an awesome frozen foods menu.  No matter what plan you choose from, Nutrisystem makes weight loss convenient, enjoyable and affordable.  If you are asking “Compared to other top diets, which one has the better price?”  We have that answer too.

Nutrisystem Cost Compared to Other Leading Diet Meal Plans

Nutrisystem versus Jenny Craig

Let’s compare Nutrisystem cost to Jenny Craig.  First of all, Nutrisystem includes the price of food, and that’s it, no fees or shipping.  Jenny Craig does not.  For the Uniquely Yours plan it’s $11.96 per day.  On Jenny Craig, it’s $15-23 per day but then you have to pay shipping and a membership fee monthly.  Nutrisystem has almost double the amount of meals to choose from and Jenny Craig doesn’t give you unlimited counseling and support or the guaranteed weight loss or your money back.

nutrisystem versus bistromd

How does Nutrisystem cost compare to BistroMD?  Both highly rated plans.  Again, comparing to the Uniquely Yours plan of $11.96 per day, BistroMD’s 7-day full program is $134.96 per week which is about $19.28 per day.  Little bit more expensive.  Nutrisystem, you get 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, BistroMD you get 3 meals for 6 days and 2 meals one day.  Nutrisystem also has a few more meal options to choose from.  Nutrisystem also includes snacks, BistroMD does not, but offers a snack program at an extra cost.  BistroMD does not guarantee any specific weight loss amount and does not offer free shipping, they charge $19.95.

Here’s an overview of what we talked about.

 Diet Plan
 Shipping Fees
 Membership Fees
 Unlimited Support
 Money Back Guarantee
Jenny Craig

Make a decision yet?  Hopefully this diet meal plan cost review helped.  Nutrisystem’s cost is the most convenient with a higher value but everyone’s preferences are different.

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  1. Tanya

    Trying to navigate through the grocery store when trying to eat healthy is ridiculous and expensive! I love the idea of not having to stress about individual item cost. Each month it’s the same price!

  2. Angela

    Thanks for the price breakdown! For me, the membership fee always sways my decision.

  3. Andy

    It’s so hard to make time to eat better and exercise when I work two jobs. I thought it would be hard to afford but Nutrisystem doesn’t seem expensive at all. If I don’t have to cook then I can devote more time to lifting weights. This works out great.

  4. Greg

    I don’t like grocery shopping or cooking. I’d prefer to eat frozen meals anyways so Nutrisystem works for me. Perks is not having to spend too much time in a store!

  5. Shane

    Great price breakdown! Helps to know how much I’d be spending per day. I’ve wanted to try Nutrisystem, this gives me the reassurance.


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