Nutrisystem for Men

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Is Nutrisystem Good for Men?

Few men have the time or inclination to dedicate hours out of every week to long workout sessions for weight loss. Also, for most men, the prospect of counting calories, weighing every portion of food and preparing diet conscious meals is a painful chore. Work, family commitments, and the expense of a gym membership that you may not even use – compounded by the hassle of calorie counting – all combine to make finding an effective and affordable alternative necessary.
Nutrisystem is a diet plan that provides men with a convenient, affordable, and highly effective way to lose weight with a minimum of trouble.

Diet Meal Delivery Plans

Nutrisystem is a diet meal delivery plan that handles the most important part of the weight loss process for you; all the meals you’ll eat with Nutrisystem have been prepared and conveniently packaged for you and you don’t even need to refrigerate anything.

With a diet meal delivery plan you won’t have to worry about portion control or meeting your critical nutritional requirements; they’ve done it all for you!

Your meals will arrive pre-measured into appropriate portions that are easily stored and quickly prepared; making dieting a breeze for even the busiest guy. No worries about what to have for any particular meal, your choices will be ready for you to grab, eat and go with the minimum of fuss.

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Men Lose Weight Differently – They Lose it Faster!

Nutrisystem Meatloaf
The average male has built-in advantages when it comes to eliminating fat. It’s these advantages that help to make Nutrisystem one of the most effective diet plans available for men who need to trim down.

For example, men naturally carry much more muscle than women. Muscle, unlike fat, has a high metabolic cost to the body; it burns calories just by being there and not moving at all.

What this means is that you can eat more food on a diet and still lose weight.

Since you’re able to eat more calories on a diet you’ll feel less deprived on a calorie cutting diet plan. While a woman has to consume a few hundred calories less for healthy weight loss, you’ll be eating heartier and feeling fuller afterward.

Also, women have been designed by evolution to hold onto fat because they’re the ones who make babies. It may seem unfair to the ladies, but that’s the way it is. Their bodies produce estrogen, the female sex hormone, and one of the effects of estrogen is to encourage fat storage to help keep developing babies growing.

Men are lucky that testosterone does just the opposite. The male sex hormone encourages more muscle mass and a higher metabolism, so it’s easier to lose body fat with less effort.

Nutrisytem is a Men’s Diet Plan

The Nutrisystem plan is specially formulated for several broad categories of people trying to lose weight; teens, diabetics, people concerned with heart health. The Nutrisystem plan also pays special attention to the sex of the dieter. They understand how men and women lose weight and have diets calculated just for men.

Men will enjoy a huge selection of foods and still only consume 1500 calories per day. Follow the Nutrisystem diet to lose a steady 1 to 2 lbs per week while barely noticing that you’ve cut down on the amount you eat.

What Will I Eat?


Nutrisystem offers a mouth-watering selection of foods for men to enjoy. Some breakfast items are:

  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Many kinds of delicious muffins
  • Granola cereal
  • Chocolate biscotti bites

You get the idea; you’ll probably eat better and enjoy your food more on the Nutrisytem diet than you did eating your normal way!

Lunches and dinners are just as fantastic. This is just a small example of what you can enjoy eating:

  • Tuna melts
  • Mushroom stuffed chicken breast
  • Meatloaf sandwich
  • Meatballs in marinara sauce

Now you know why Nutrisystem is an ideal men’s diet plan, with choices like this you’ll never be bored or feel deprived.

The Nutrisystem Lean 13 for Men

If you want to lose weight even faster Nutrisytem has the plan for you; the Lean 13 for Men. Your fat loss journey is turbocharged with a 7 day Turbo Takeoff at the start of the program:

  • 1 week of specially designed meals
  • 1 week of protein and probiotic packed TurboShakes
  • 1 week of hunger destroying NutriCrush bars packed with the protein and fiber you need to stay full longer

After the first week you’ll go on the conventional Nutrisystem diet plan for men for continued steady weight loss.

Men can count on losing up to 13lbs in the first month; think of how motivating that can be as you start your journey to a healthy and attractive new you.


  1. Nancy Acord

    I was thinking about signing my husband up for Nutrisystem and had a few questions. I googled a while and ended up here. Think ill give it a try and maybe report back in a while.

  2. scott j

    liked the program. lost 20 pounds in about two months. hour at gym 5x/week. food is pretty good.

  3. Dave

    I don’t like to eat breakfast. No time for it, but the Breakfast bars are tasty and great for when I am on the road.

  4. michael g

    i was wondering what the sodium content was? i have high blood pressure so sodium is very important.

    • Heath Marshall

      Hi Michael,
      You can follow up your question on our Nutrisystem FAQs page. Thanks!


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