Upper Arm Workout Shoulder Press

Looking to get those perfectly capped shoulders for tank top season? Add the Overhead shoulder press into your upper body routines.

The standing overhead press is one of the most beneficial exercises for not just the shoulders but for the entire body. This compound lift not only builds strength in the targeted muscles: the deltoids, upper back and triceps, but also engages the core wall, strengthens the hip flexors and builds stability in the legs.

To begin this simple yet extremely effective exercise, start the movement with the barbell just above your chest. Your hands should be just about shoulder width apart. You can either keep your feel parallel or for better stability and balance you may stagger your stance. While keeping your wrists and elbows in a straight line, press the barbell overhead, keeping your core tight, and return to the starting position.

Beginners can start with dumbbells or kettle bells and do this exercise seated as you learn the form and assess your strength, working your way up to the barbell press.

-Alyssa S.

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