3 People engaged in smart phones instead of the meetingDo you practice smartphone attention deficit disorder? We all do it don’t deny it! You pickup your phone to do one little thing and you end up off on a tangent whether it be a ranting text dialogue with a friend or acquaintance, flipping through Facebook posts or playing the latest game. Your initial action or drive that was sending you to the phone long forgotten and alongside whatever action plan your next hour or two had also thrown to the wind. Or maybe in the middle of a very productive workflow your phone dings and the dopamine triggering text message that just came in requires your immediate attention, despite the fact that it was your friend who is on holiday texting or snapping a photo of their lunch to you. Personally I have picked up my phone to check one piece of information and looked up only to find that I have lost an entire hour and haven’t even completed the five minute task I had intended to do.

Maybe my scenario is not exactly how it goes down for you but in one form or another you experience this and more than likely daily. I mention this so that we can all be aware of this problem. Once you have that awareness what you do with it is up to you. I myself try and be mindful that more often than not it is likely a distraction that takes me away from something productivity. And I am not only talking about while I work but even when I am doing things with my personal time. Challenge yourself to not pick up your phone or at a minimum pick it up and only do the one thing you intended. If you instill this sense of discipline into your life there is a good chance that you will feel good about your own sense of accomplishment and productivity.

With that said and out in the open there is absolutely nothing wrong with reading texts, snapchatting or spending time flipping through social media but like everything else in life do it with purpose and intent so that you’re in control of your behavior. In other words be mindful of your behavior. A smartphone is no excuse to be distracted, inefficient or scatter brained.

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Matt Bradley

I am an enthusiast of Healthy Living through the communal sharing of experiences and science. As a Zen practitioner I enjoy learning about ways to be in touch with my inner balance and imparting the information to others. I also enjoy a good snort of bourbon but will not try and impart that passion on our readers here.

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