Standing Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension

Dumbbell Tricep Extension
Also known as:
Tri Extension

A typical set would be 10-15 reps
Rest Period:
As a minor muscle group a rest period of 30 seconds between sets is good

Main muscles worked:

This exercise does an excellent job of isolating the tricep muscle of the arm. In turn it really kills it for strength and size gains. Be sure to use exacting precision when performing your reps. Focusing on form quality will pay you the highest return.

Woman Performing Tricep Extentsion

  1. Stand comfortably with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width
  2. Start with the Dumbbell gripped between both hands with your thumbs interlocking through the bar and hands supporting the bell. With your arms extended and the dumbbell as high as you can lift it
  3. Keep your body slightly forward of center to maintain the load on your triceps
  4. Lower the barbell behind your back
  5. Lower only until going any further would mean using your deltoids (shoulders) to go further
  6. Lift smoothly focusing on your tricep muscle as you do so (focusing on the muscle helps to activate and utilize its strength)

Again focusing on really good form on this exercise will give you the best gains. Also as this is a smaller muscle group it can be exercised frequently, like 2+ times per week.

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