Chris Cornell recently committed suicide

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I am writing this post as the news is full of articles about the recent loss of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington to suicide. These were two people that influenced a lot of people through the power of their music. In fact it is highly likely that they effected a lot of people positively who may have been going through their own struggles.

I know that I have found a great deal of motivation in the writings of Chris Cornell both in Soundgarden and his personal projects. Here is a link of his daughter singing Hallelujah in remembrance of him and Chester.

The one thing to take away from the passing of these influential people is that when someone close to you is struggling, in any way shape or form, do the best you can to be there for them. Talk to them about what is bothering them. I am a proponent of Zen and can be used very powerfully to help people realize that there worries and concerns aren’t as overpowering or life shattering as their inner dialogue may be making them believe. This isn’t about downplaying what they are worrying about as much as helping them to put it in perspective and realize that they are not alone with struggles but the joy and beauty that exists in this life outweighs even the heaviest of struggles.

Live life and be strong for those that you care about!

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