T-Bar Front Squats

Front Squat Starting Position Front Squat Ending Position

Also known as:
Barbell Front Squat
Strength Training
A typical set would be 8-12 repetitions
Rest Period:
As this is a major muscle group typically 45-90 seconds
Main muscle worked:
Quadriceps & HamStrings

    Everyone knows the most popular exercise when it comes to growing your legs is the squat. Whether you love it or hate it everyone has it somewhere in their exercise routine, but you don’t have to stick to the same old back squats every time. There are many different variations of the squat you can do, making sure to hit every angle of the quadriceps and glute muscles. Why I love squats so much is because I can do them anywhere with no equipment or use just about anything for equipment if you want to add weight.

    This week I am showing you guys an example of a front squat utilizing different equipment in your gym. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your workout planned only to have everything you need taken at the gym. Maybe everyone has the same idea as you that day and all the squat racks are full. No problem! Try out some front squats on the T-bar row. Front squats are one of my favorite versions of a squat for my quad-dominant leg days. I like using the T-bar row because I can add any weight I desire and adding in a shoulder press at the end adds in a little shoulder and core work as a bonus. Compound exercises using multiple different muscle groups are the best way to get the maximum benefits from your lifts.

  1. The set up is simple! Find yourself a T-bar row and add whatever weight you are comfortable at
  2. Get a good solid base with your feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out
  3. Pushing your hips back and keeping your chest up, lower yourself to parallel and come back up, making sure to drive through your heels and get a good squeeze with your glutes at the top/li>
This exercise is not advised for people with lower back problems or hernias.
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