There’s many factors to losing weight like diet and exercise but what about psychological health and mindfulness. When you are trying to lose weight, you can get stressed or overworked. You can start feeling exhausted both physically and mentally. But, changing the way you think and feel can help aid the weight loss process to keep out negative thoughts and feelings. Below is a list of all the ways you can gear your mind towards a more positive outlook, motivate yourself, change your relationship with food and help you look in the mirror and feel amazing. First of all, with mental stimulation and lastly with meditation practices.

Tips for Positively Controlling your Mind

  • Be realistic, you’re not going to hit your goals and be super thin within a few weeks. It takes time to properly lose weight and get in shape.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day, patience is key! I think the most difficult lesson to learn is to be patient. You will have good days and bad days, you will look at yourself in the mirror and see results one day and then the next not see any and feel like giving up. Chill out and give yourself a break.
  • Make a plan and start a routine. How stressful is it when you don’t have a schedule? You easily forget to workout, forget to eat, eat too much. If there’s a routine then your body can adjust and you can feel good about each day.
  • Look at yourself honestly. Sometimes looking in the mirror and critiquing yourself is hard but needed to move forward. Look at your body, your lifestyle and think about what you dislike, the cold hard truth and then throw it all away. Mentally erase those feelings and start new.
  • After you’ve erased those negative thoughts, figure out what you want to gain in the end. Whether it’s losing the weight to fit into that bikini, or wedding dress. Getting fit to be a better person for your family. Give yourself a positive goal instead of just “I want to be fit and thin.”
  • Fantasize, imagine life when you are at your goal. It looks pretty great, right? Fitting into those jeans or being able to feel confident on the beach with barely any baggy clothes holding you back. Use these thoughts and fantasies as a way to motivate you into working harder.
  • No more excuses, stop the blame-game. It is your fault. You are the ring leader for your daily choices. You go to dinner and get chicken fingers and french fries. You then blame everyone at the table for your bad choices. Just because your friend got a cheeseburger and fries doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You could have gotten the salad, you aren’t being forced to eat poorly, every restaurant has healthy choices. Take responsibility for your actions and make better choices.
  • Be positive and confident. Stop putting yourself down saying you’re fat and ugly. Stop thinking that you have nothing to wear, you look fat in everything you wear. If you think you’re fat then everyone else will think it too. Your energy reflects onto other people. But if you get dressed and look at yourself in a positive way then everyone around you will feel the same way.
  • Daily Motivation. Make this an important part of your routine. For me, every night before bed I look up motivational quotes. Look up outfit’s I would love to wear when I am at my goal weight. Go to bed thinking positively. Wake up replaying these motivational quotes in your head.
  • Set a goal calendar. I have one in my bathroom by the scale, I add daily scale readings, weekly goals and rewards for myself. If I hit this week’s goal then I can get a pedicure. Things like that can excite you.
  • Look at Food differently. When we look at food we either go into a frenzy or we look at it with disgust. Don’t do either. Look at food as in, this is going to make me feel good and healthy or this is going to make me feel tired and sick.
  • Lastly Love yourself. Never look in the mirror feeling disgust or hate. Look at your body and pick out the parts you love. Pamper yourself the days you feel less than your best. Wear something that is your go-to favorite. Do what will make you discard all depressing feelings.

Now that your mind is motivated and re-trained, here’s some ways to Meditate daily

  • Turn off your phone, silence it, no distractions to ruin your meditation.
  • Take a walk, get your body warmed up and your blood flowing. This helps with circulation and keeps your body from feeling restless.
  • Sit up straight, comfortable whether that is in a chair, on a pillow, legs crossed or out straight.
  • Relax your arms and shoulders and place your hands on your thighs.
  • Stay very still to keep the body quiet.
  • Calm your breathing, focus on your breathing for a few minutes till it’s even and relaxed.
  • Focus on each breath removing all thoughts from your mind. You will start to breath slower and feel a sense of great calm.
  • Keep your eyes closed and smile, you will then start to feel relaxed and peaceful.
  • Meditate in the Morning and/or at Night, whenever you feel the need or have the time. Starting the day with an immense calm feeling and then ending the day feeling relaxed is a great start.
  • Set up a timer in case you have only a small window of time to meditate, this will ease your mind to not check the clock.
  • If you’re distracted by noise then play soft tranquil music like waves, rain or a soft piano.
  • When you are ready to stop meditating don’t rush out of it, slowly come out of your Zen state.

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