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The most frustrating feeling is when there never is enough time to lose the weight you have been dying to lose.


Has life become too busy and crazy for you to take the time to get an hour of exercise, pack a lunch, cook a healthy dinner, etc?  That’s normal.  Most of us have full-time jobs, more than one job, children and other commitments that make losing weight impossible.


But there’s hope, here are a few ways to shed those pounds without becoming overwhelmed.


Portion Size, Food Choices.

That’s the most important thing.  Don’t over-eat.  Stop eating at the first sings of feeling full, embrace leftovers.  Listen to serving sizes, fill your plate with veggies, meats and fish instead of potatoes and noodles.  Which I now is hard to do, I love pasta.)  Don’t wait till your famished.  If you’re hungry…eat.  Don’t wait too long.  If you have dinner reservations or scheduled meals and you are hungry early then eat a small snack, few nuts or an apple.  Starvation is the easiest way to over-eat.  Going to a restaurant that doesn’t have the best healthy choices?  Go for as many veggies as you can get, eat half and take the rest to-go.  Makes a great lunch for tomorrow.  Drink a lot of water before you eat, will fill you up so you eat less.

Be Active as Much as Possible.

Take the long walk to the bathroom, walk to lunch instead of drive or take lunchtime walks.  Park farther away from the office or grocery store.  Throw dinner in the crock pot and go take a quick walk outside or do a few jumping jacks.  Get your heart rate going as many times as you can.  Get a Fitbit.  It tracks my activities for me which saves me time.  If I get home and notice I have about 3,000 steps left to accomplish I’ll jog around my house just to get to my 10,000 step goal.  It’s a great motivator.  One thing I started doing was standing more.  At the bar or out with friends, instead of sitting, I stand.  It’s great for your circulation.

Think Healthy at the Grocery Store.

I always eat a granola bar and grab a water before I go to the store because if I am hungry I make bad choices.  The prepared food section draws me in with the lazy, easy meals.  Go to the veggie section first.  Fill up your cart.  Then meats/protein.  Once you realize how much food is in your cart you will be less interested in filling it up.  Skip the cookie aisle.  Don’t even tempt yourself to look.  For snacks get fruits or oatmeal.  If you’re craving that carbonated fix get seltzer water.  Buy lemons, a lemon in your water is the greatest thing, hydrating and tasty.

Utilize Your Days Off.

Get proper sleep, wake up refreshed and get moving.  Make coffee, get dressed (don’t stay in your pajamas or you are destined to be lazy.)  Go outside get some yard work done or go for a run or walk.  Enjoy as much time in the sunshine as possible.  We all want to be lazy on weekends but it’s not healthy.  Stay active while watching TV, few sit-ups, jog in place, stretch.  Make plans that involve some kind of activity.  Meal plan, crock pots are great for that.  Spend Sunday nights cooking up healthy meals for the week.  It will save you time cooking on weeknights.

Have a Support System.

I always have friends who want to lose weight or work-out with me.  Whether it’s girls who want to eat better and go to the gym or guys who show me workout tips.  It’s always nice to have a support system.  Snapchat is great for motivation.  We send each other photos of ourselves every morning as confidence boosters and then send photos of what we are eating as reminders to eat healthy.  We keep each other in check.  If I want to eat fast food I tell them so they will convince me to back away.  Set a goal, wedding or even just bathing suit season.  Make a goal date or a goal outfit to fit into and keep reminders everywhere that this is what you are striving to accomplish.

Relax.  Be Happy, Don’t be Hard on Yourself.

The biggest cause of weight gain is stress and depression.  You wake up unhappy, the rest of your day is unhappy and you get nothing accomplished.  If I have a bad day at work, the only thing I want to do is go home eat something that makes me happy and go watch TV in the comfort of my bed.  That is not good.  Go to bed happy, wake up with a positive outlook.  Keep your mood stable.  If you’re feeling stressed out, back away and go take a walk, listen to your favorite song, just shake the feeling.  Breath.

If All Else Fails, Go on a Diet Meal Plan.

Nutrisystem is my personal favorite.  I am on it and am feeling great.  Takes the time and stress out of meal preparation the night before.  I eat Nutrisystem for Breakfast, Lunch and then a snack, then Dinner I prepare myself.  There are many meal plans that work so go for the one that suits your needs best.  I have energy at the end of the day, I don’t feel bloated or horrible, I end the day feeling good about myself for staying on track.

You don’t have to go hard every day.  If you can’t work-out every day, that’s ok.  If you don’t eat a strict diet every day, that’s ok too.  It’s impossible for you to be on-point every single day.  Just do the best you can.  Be mindful about what you eat but don’t obsess.  If you can’t make it to the gym, take a longer walk to your car, take a 5-minute break at work and walk around the office.  Do the best you can.

-Mary Margaret

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